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  • Private Investigation
  • Full report about the company’s creditworthiness and financial conditions
  • Financial investigation
  • Planning company’s staff policy, informational support and assisting about filtration policy
  • Determination of partner’s credibility
  • Examination and provision of the safety of business
  • Avoiding the failed transactions, detecting dishonest debtors timely
  • Study of business partner, his/her financial conditions and business reputation
  • Investigation of violation of the rights about intellectual property and Copyright
  • Investigation about falsification and counterfeiting
  • Search and finding the lost and fugitive people, witnesses and beneficiary
  • Teens’ surveillance, analyzing their behavior, prevention and protection from the negative influence
  • Cyber safety provision, restoration of lost information.
  • Examination of buildings, detecting hidden cameras/microphones/recorders etc.
  • Stalker detection
  • Legal assistance and consultation
  • Bodyguard/Security manager